Development & Acquisitions

Beacon Communities Development is a full-service multifamily residential development and acquisitions company with offices in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

We have completed construction, financial restructuring, or substantial rehabilitation on over 10,000 apartments, both as sole developer and in partnership with others.  We execute developments that range from the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, to the renovation of existing occupied affordable housing properties, to the redevelopment of distressed public housing in partnership with housing authorities.  In addition, we acquire all types of existing multifamily real estate, with an emphasis on existing affordable and mixed-income housing.  

We pride ourselves on undertaking challenging and innovative developments. Recent examples include the adaptive reuse of historic factories and schools; new construction of mixed‐use, mixed‐income housing designed to create a new village center; and the re-cladding of existing affordable housing high-rises to address obsolete building envelopes. Almost every Beacon development involves some degree of financial complexity. Our transactions with the most complicated financial arrangements involve several different federal, state, and local funding sources.  Beacon’s development department works closely with our property management and community engagement teams to ensure that resident services and property management needs are integrated into the development process and reflected in our finished products.   Our success comes from understanding how to work with partners, communities, and local governments when developing housing.