CORI/REAC Administrator

Boston, MA

General Statement of Duties:  Is responsible for overseeing all CORI administrative tasks for Beacon Communities Massachusetts portfolio of approximately 4,000 applicants applying for affordable and market rate housing annually. All duties must be performed in a secure and compliant manner, as required by law under 803 CMR 2.0., 803 CMR 5.0, and M.G.L. c.6 §167 A and §172.  The CORI Administrator will be the primary CORI point of contact for all Beacon Massachusetts properties.  CORI record results will be maintained in accordance with all applicable CORI laws and company procedures.

This position is also responsible for the timely completion of specific administrative support tasks related to REAC inspections including; updating the REAC portfolio calendar, submission of REAC pre-data base adjustment requests, HUD REAC responses letters, REAC appeal submissions, timely HUD EH&S REAC Owner Certification responses, and other REAC administrative support tasks as assigned.

Supervision Received:  Reports directly to Vice President of Administration.

Supervision Exercised:  No supervisory duties required.

FLSA:   Non-Exempt

Essential Functions of the Position: (Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all that may be found in positions of this class.)

  • Will be CORI-certified to receive CORI results from Beacon’s CRA, CoreLogic, for Beacon’s Massachusetts communities.
  • Must abide by all CORI laws pertaining to accessing CORI reports for Beacon applicants who reside in Massachusetts.
  • Must maintain the following secure files and logs: a secure electronic log (with each applicant’s CORI report attached) of each CORI report received by applicant’s last name, first name, date report was received and the name of community the applicant applied to.
  • Is responsible for contacting the community Property Manager to obtain the status of each applicant’s CoreLogic SafeRent Score criminal report, and verifying if the applicant committed a crime outside the State of Massachusetts that violated the company’s criminal history threshold.
  • Is responsible for reviewing each applicant’s CORI report and determining whether the CORI results indicate a “finding” or “no finding”, based on using the company’s criminal history threshold, and working with the appropriate Regional Vice President, prior to pre-declining an applicant for criminal history.
  • Must maintain a master CORI log that includes every applicant that received a “finding” on their CORI report, enter the criminal offense(s), and state whether the applicant received a Criminal Pre-Declination Letter, based on the CORI report or another source.
  • Is responsible for securely emailing a CORI Notification Letter on a timely basis to the appropriate Property Manager, indicating a “finding” or “no finding” for each applicant, and confirming receipt of the written CORI Notification Letter by the Property Manager.
  • Is responsible for attaching electronic copies of each property’s applicant CORI Notification Letter to the appropriate applicant’s CORI report and electronically filing by property.
  • Is responsible for sending applicants whose CORI, CoreLogic SafeRent Score report or criminal report indicates a criminal history that violates the Company’s criminal history threshold, a Criminal Pre-Declination Letter with required enclosures.
  • Is responsible for securely emailing copies of all Criminal Pre-Declination Letters (no attachments) to the appropriate Property Manager.
  • Is responsible for maintaining an electronic copy of all Criminal Pre-Declination Letters and attachments sent to all applicants by property name, with applicant files maintained by the applicant’s last name, first name and middle initial, as applicable.
  • Is responsible for maintaining a secure electronic master log that records each Criminal Pre-Declination Letter sent, by the applicant’s last name, first name, the name of community the applicant applied to, the source of the criminal record, and the date the criminal pre-declination letter was sent to the applicant and securely emailed to the Property Manager.
  • Will work in cooperation with the Vice President of Administration to run and review monthly reports to monitor company and property CORI results.
  • Will work in cooperation with the Vice President of Administration to CORI-certify new hires who are responsible for any aspect of on-site CORI applicant management or to certify new senior level staff involved in reviewing CORI results as part of the applicant criminal pre-declination, declination or final declination process or appeal process.
  • Is responsible for completing all administrative tasks assigned related to REAC inspections.
  • Is responsible for updating the portfolio’s REAC inspection calendar and REAC response calendar and communicating REAC updates on both calendars to staff as applicable.
  • Prepares final REAC data base and appeal submission packages and ensures timely delivery to HUD.
  • Prepares all HUD EH&S REAC responses and ensures that they are delivered to HUD within the 72-hour deadline.
  • Meets all other REAC submission correspondence deadlines as applicable.
  • Additional REAC administrative tasks as assigned.
  • Special projects, as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience: Associates degree or equivalent is required.  Prior administrative experience of 3-5 years in a position requiring high efficiency, confidentiality, precision and working with secure and sensitive information is required.

Qualifications and Skills:  Basic math proficiency required.  Proficient in Microsoft Office and Excel; highly motivated and able to work independently; strong attention to detail, ability to multi-task and handle pressure situations due to time-sensitive deadlines; excellent written and verbal communication skills, follow-through, electronic filing organizational and proofreading skills; strong interpersonal skills; high energy; ability to be an active team member within the Company.

Beacon Core Competencies required for all positions:

Teamwork, Integrity/Ethics, Dependability, Customer Focus, Adaptability/Flexibility.

Functional Job Competencies required:

Strong Computer Skills, Precision, Accuracy, Thoroughness, Self-Development, Personal Organization, Productivity.


Equal Opportunity Employer

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