Resident Services

Working closely with our residents to understand and address their challenges and needs.

Beacon’s resident services department is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our residents, creating connections with existing service providers in our neighborhoods, and coordinating services and activities at our communities. We believe that providing excellent resident services is not only the right thing to do but also a necessary component of ensuring our properties’ financial success and ongoing regulatory compliance.

Resident services coordinators work throughout our portfolio, assisting residents to address lease compliance challenges, providing on-site programming and community-building activities to enhance resident quality of life and to promote resident well-being, and developing partnerships with local service agencies.  Through these partnerships, our resident services coordinators aim to connect residents with health screenings, home health and personal care services, family support services, job readiness and employment trainings, youth development programs, financial literacy and money management trainings, and any other social services that can support our residents.

Wellness Programs. At our communities that serve seniors and residents with disabilities, we focus especially on resident health and wellness.  As part of our commitment to Living Well by Design, we have developed comprehensive Wellness Programs at these communities that enhance the lives of our residents, promote their health and well-being, and enable them to age in place.

Our Wellness Programs typically consist of a combination of specialized physical spaces and free programs, including:

  • A wellness office used by third party service agencies to provide limited on-site health and mental health services to residents;
  • A fitness and rehabilitation center available for residents to work out on their own and to meet with physical or occupational therapists;
  • Healthy meals several times per week provided by local caterers at no or minimal cost to residents;
  • Community patrol and emergency services provided by experienced third-party EMT-trained security officers to ensure a safe and secure living environment;
  • Transportation via a property-owned shuttle bus, third-party shuttle bus services, or connections with local transportation authorities and organizations;
  • Computer learning classes, discussion groups, and other computer-based tools and programs provided by our partner Connected Living to promote resident engagement with each other and the wider world; and
  • Site-specific programming and activities designed around our residents and the issues that are relevant to them. For example, Wellness Programs across our portfolio include classes in nutrition, smoking cessation, management of chronic health conditions, sex education, physical fitness, chair yoga, and martial arts, among other things.  Resident services coordinators also arrange regular outings and a wide variety of on-site activities and clubs designed to combat resident isolation, promote engagement, and enrich lives.